Shiatsu sessions are undertaken in my dedicated treatment room on a futon on the floor. For those with limited mobility a shiatsu chair is available. You will remain fully clothed during the treatment and it is recommended you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing with long sleeves. Cotton or natural fibres are best with clean socks.

During a shiatsu session your general state of health will be assessed and a note taken of symptoms you are experiencing. Your general constitution, energy levels and any relevant historical details will also be assessed. With this information a sequence tailored to your sepcific requirements will be carried out. Sometimes, when appropriate, I may use Chinese medicated oils or moxa (a natural herb used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Shoulder Rotation using the Shiatsu Chair
  • Fully Insured

  • Member of the Shiatsu Society

  • CRB Checked

  • GP's Reports Provided on Request

After the shiatsu session it is advisable for the receiver to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day and avoid alcohol that day. Ideally it would be beneficial for the receiver to go home and relax or at least avoid strenuous/physical or stressful situations. I always look forward to receiving feedback from clients in the days following a shiatsu session.

My diploma training in Human Shiatsu also embraced the study of anatomy, physiology and pathology in addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Five Element Theory.

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