As a professional dressage instructor I consider it important to develop and maintain maximum athletic performance and ability for the horse, both ridden and from the floor. To this end I have successfully used Shiatsu therapy to complement the ridden work.

Having used Shiatsu on my horse Ollie at 6 weekly intervals, there were noticeable improvements in his flexibility and movement and several experienced high level trainers remarked on Ollie’s improved performance and attitude.

I believe Shiatsu to be a valuable tool in keeping horses working to the best of their ability.

Nikki Green

My horse is 100% better after having regular Shiatsu treatments, he was very hollow and resistant but now is more supple and soft to the contact. He responds very quickly after a treatment if he has got stiff or uncomfortable.

Di Griffiths

I started having shiatsu myself a couple of years ago when I fell and severely walloped my knee on the edge of a pavement. Over a period of months, starting with weekly treatments and then spacing them out gradually, my knee progressed from 'through-the roof' pain when touched to feeling normal and painfree. I'm pretty sure that without Janes treatments I would have been having to have the surgery that the specialist offered me. Fortunately, that's not happened, and I am still riding and walking regularly...
Thank you Jane!

Wendy Jago

Photograph Courtesy Horse & Rider Magazine

Our horse Mouse has been having shiatsu treatments with Jane for about three years now. He was obedient but plank-like when we got him and our aim was to retrain him classically to improve the quality of his movement and the length of his active life.

Mouse seems to enjoy his treatments and has become more open and affectionate - when he came to us he was somewhat switched-off in both body and mind.

Wendy Jago
List 3 Dressage Judge
NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

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